Partner with Us

ANZSA frequently partners with corporate companies and philanthropic trusts and foundations to embark on high-quality sarcoma research and clinical trials to save and improve lives.

Partnering with a trusted charity like ANZSA is more than just making a donation. You are engaging your employees, customers and business partners alike by creating an impactful experience.

If our vision to help the sarcoma community aligns with your organisation, we would love to hear from you and develop a meaningful relationship.

There are many ways your organisation can partner with us:

Give once or regularly

Fund our high-quality sarcoma research through your contributions using our Donation page.

Sarcoma Research Grants Program

Each year, ANZSA awards more than AUD$100,000 worth of research grants to sarcoma researchers or PhD students.

Partner us to award more research grants, and to have it named after your organisation.

Fund a project

Each year, ANZSA invests in crucial projects that are aligned with our Strategic Plan. Such projects include updating the sarcoma guidelines, Fellowship, data linkage, etc.

Partner us by funding these crucial projects.

If you want to inquire further or to speak to us about this, we are happy to discuss this with you. Kindly write to us on