Frequently Asked Questions

Sarcoma treatment is often a long road to recovery and can be overwhelming. From time to time, your doctor may suggest to you clinical trials that you are eligible to participate in. Always remember that participation in a clinical trial is voluntary and that you never feel forced to take part in it.

Before you agree to participate in a clinical trial, it is important to be as informed as possible. It can be helpful to write down questions you have before seeing your doctor.

Here are some questions that could be useful to you. You can also download and print it out prior to your doctor’s appointment.

About the Clinical Trial

  1. Am I eligible for a clinical trial?
  2. What is the purpose of the clinical trial?
  3. What is the goal of treatment? Does it aim to cure my condition or only to manage it?
  4. How many participants will be involved in this clinical trial? Are the numbers significant?


  1. What kinds of tests and experimental treatments are involved?
  2. Has the treatment been tested before in another disease, and if so, was it successful?
  3. Will I receive the experimental treatment, or will I possibly receive the current standard of treatment or a placebo?
  4. Who will be in charge of my care? Who can I contact for support and information during the trial?

Side Effects

  1. What are the risks to me?
  2. Will I experience any side effects? How will they be treated?
  3. How do the possible risks, side effects and benefits in the study compare with my current treatment?
  4. If people receiving one treatment in the trial respond much better than people receiving the other treatment, will all participants be able to access the more effective treatment?

During the Clinical Trial

  1. How long will the clinical trial last?
  2. Can I be involved in more than one study at the same time?
  3. Could I experience inconvenience due to more treatment, tests, hospital visits or complicated medication requirements?
  4. How might this clinical trial affect me and my family?
  5. What will my responsibilities be during the clinical trial?
  6. Will I need to take time off work? Will being involved affect my day-to-day life?


  1. Where will the clinical trial be conducted and will I have to travel for treatment?
  2. Will I have to pay for the treatment? How much will it cost?
  3. Will I be paid? Will my expenses be covered?
  4. If I live in a rural or remote area, will I be eligible for travel assistance?
  5. If there are complications that arise from the clinical trial, who is responsible for paying for treating them?

After the Clinical Trial

  1. What type of long-term follow-up care is part of the study?
  2. Will the results of the clinical trials be provided to me?
  3. Will I have access to the experimental treatment after the trial if I wish to continue with it?
  4. How will my privacy be protected?
  5. What will happen with the results of the research?

Legal and Ethical

  1. Has an ethics committee approved the clinical trial?
  2. Can you go through the participant information with me?
  3. Can I have the participant information in a different language?