Our Sarcoma Research

Since its inception in 2008, ANZSA has been involved in more than 30 sarcoma-related studies and clinical trials, both locally and internationally.

ANZSA’s sarcoma-related research portfolio comprises of investigator-initiated international and national multi-site studies and clinical trials.

All of ANZSA’s research projects are based on the rigorous review of the science, the evidence and the need in our population as determined by our SAC. Research concepts, ideas and protocols are presented to the SAC and then prioritised for funding and implementation.

Given that sarcomas consist of over 50 separate diseases, there is not always a trial or study available for each one.

Sometimes, there are no relevant scientific questions that can be answered at that time through a study, e.g. no new drugs to test for that disease. It may be that ANZSA cannot have access to the drug or study in Australia or there is no funding support for a study.

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