Join ANZSA this July for Sarcoma Awareness Month!

Join us this July as we raise awareness for one of Australia's rarest cancers!

This July, ANZSA are spotlighting the importance of ongoing research, funding, and clinical trials to advance patient outcomes in the fight against sarcoma.

Research fuels the discovery of treatments, funding provides the necessary resources to carry out this critical research, and clinical trials offer the platform to evaluate and refine these treatments in real-world settings.

Sarcoma Awareness Month Webinars

ANZSA has partnered with the VCCC Alliance to provide two informative lunch-time webinars focusing on sarcoma treatment and research. 

These webinars are open to all who wish to attend, with more details about each webinar and registration links found below. 

Webinar 1: The Role of Genetics in Sarcoma

In this webinar, leading experts in sarcoma, pathology and familial genetics provide an overview of the role of genetics in sarcoma. Join us to gain valuable insight on the utility of genetic testing in sarcoma management.

  • When: Monday July 15th, 1pm - 2pm AEST
  • Speakers:
    • A/Prof. Jeremy Lewin (Chair, Medical Oncologist)
    • Dr. Catherine Mitchell (Anatomical Pathologist)
    • Prof. Paul James (Clinical Geneticist)
    • Dr. Stephen Luen (Medical Oncologist)
  • Register here

Webinar 2: A Deep Dive into Desmoid Sarcoma

Join us as we hear from sarcoma experts and explore the complexities surrounding management of Desmoid Tumours – a noncancerous growth occurring in connective tissues. Gain a deep understanding of the multidisciplinary approaches to management of desmoid tumours.

  • When: Thursday July 25th, 1pm - 2pm AEST
  • Speakers:
    • A/Prof. Jeremy Lewin (Chair, Medical Oncologist)
    • Dr. Susie Bae (Medical Oncologist)
    • Dr. Julie Chu (Radiation Oncologist)
    • A/Prof. David Gyorki (Surgical Oncologist)
  • Register here

Show your Support on Social Media

Show your support this Sarcoma Awareness Month with our social media resources! Be sure to tag us in any social media posts and include the hashtag #sarcomaawarenessmonth23 and #ANZSA in your posts.

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Organise a Fundraiser

Want to get involved this year? Why not organise a fundraiser for ANZSA?

  • Fundraising is easy and fun! It's a good way to raise sarcoma awareness among your friends, family and colleagues.

  • It can be a simple activity that you enjoy like running or baking. And off you go! Find out more info here - Fundraise for Us
  • Your action today creates a long-lasting impact.