Draft Clinical Practices Guidelines for Management of Sarcoma - Series 2

We are pleased to advise that public consultation in relation to Series 2 – Draft Clinical Practices Guidelines for Management of Sarcoma is now open.

As the leading research organisation in sarcoma in Australia and New Zealand, the Australia and New Zealand Sarcoma Association (ANZSA) is dedicated to improving the outcome for patients with sarcoma through awareness, education, and research. Pivotal to this goal is the development and dissemination of clinical practice guidelines based on systematic review to evaluate evidence for management of adult and paediatric patients with sarcoma.

The current guidelines development process commenced at the end of 2020 with full support from the board and the scientific advisory committee of ANZSA. The intended end users are health professionals involved in the care of patients with sarcoma from time of initial presentation through diagnosis, staging, treatment and follow up.

Series 1 of the current guidelines was launched in July 2022 after public consultation and is publicly available on the ANZSA website at https://www.sarcoma.org.au/pages/sarcoma-guidelines . We expect to launch Series 2 of the guidelines in July 2023.

Series 2 Draft Clinical Practices Guidelines for Management of Sarcoma ANZSA is now open for public consultation and we invite you to comment. The Plain English Summary, draft guideline papers, technical and administrative reports, are available below and cover the topics of Retroperitoneal Sarcoma and AYA/ Paediatric Sarcoma.

Feedback on the draft content will be considered by the working party at the end of the consultation period. Relevant comments and the Working Party’s reply may be published with the final guidelines. The last date for comments submission is 5pm Thursday 15th of June 2023.

The working party would welcome your submission to this important consultation by email to guidelines@sarcoma.org.au

General information on how to comment:

  • If you have identified any gaps in the content, please suggest suitable text for inclusion supported by scientific evidence.
  • All comments will be forwarded to the working party for further review. Where appropriate, modifications will be made to the guidelines.
  • If you have comments on the language of the content, please suggest replacement text.
  • Relevant comments and the Working Party’s reply may be published with the final guidelines.
  • The last date for submission is 5pm Thursday 15th of June 2023.