July is Sarcoma Awareness Month 2021

The theme for this year's Sarcoma Awareness Month is You're not alone. Let's make sarcoma known!

Often, sarcoma patients and survivors feel isolated and alone, especially post-treatment when they do not meet their treating teams as frequent as before.

Because sarcoma is rare and consist of more than 80 subtypes, it is common that a sarcoma patient with a rare subtype may not meet someone else who has the same diagnosis as him/her – contributing to the feeling of isolation and feeling alone.

Patients and survivors want to feel they belonged in a community where they can share their challenges and encouragement with each other. The same applies to carers, family members and partners too where they face many challenges (emotion, physical and mental) while caring for a loved one. 

You're not alone!

There is a big community of health professionals and researchers who are working behind the scenes on life-saving clinical trials and treatment development (e.g. 3D prosthesis, immunotherapy, etc.).

There are also many like-minded sarcoma survivors who are keen to get together to provide support for each other and to have a sense of belonging.

Sarcoma Awareness Month is our way to create public awareness of sarcoma and to stand in solidarity with the sarcoma community, which includes health professionals, researchers, patients and their loved ones.

We have simple activities you can participate in to show your support! Don’t forget to use the #anzsa so we can keep track!

Webinars - Sarcoma

  • A series of live online webinars throughout July. The topics were chosen in consultation with the ANZSA Consumer Advisory Panel (CAP).
  • Each webinar will take around an hour (including live questions and answers) and can be accessed anywhere. 
  • Save the dates and more details will be provided shortly.
  • Topics:

Wednesday, 14 July (11.30am AEST) - The important role of carers

ANZSA collaborates with Sock it to Sarcoma! (WA) to deliver this webinar to highlight the role of carers with a focus on challenges of being a carer, practical help, research on unmet needs of carers, resources and support for carers.

Speakers: Mandy Basson (Sock it to Sarcoma!), A/Prof Georgia Halkett (Senior research fellow, Curtin University), Karen Lurati (ANZSA consumer representative). Watch the recording here

Friday, 16 July (1.30pm AEST) - You're not alone - the unmet need for patient support

This webinar will focus on the rareness factor (not meeting anyone with a similar diagnosis), the connection factor, what Rare Cancers Australia is doing to help support sarcoma patients/survivors/carers.

Speakers: Christine Cockburn, Head of Support and Operations (Rare Cancers Australia), ANZSA consumer representatives. Watch the recording here

Thursday, 22 July (11.30am AEST) - Shining a light on volunteers

ANZSA collaborates with Cooper Rice-Brading Foundation (NSW) to deliver this webinar to highlight the important role of volunteers. This webinar will focus on awareness and fundraising and the challenges volunteers face.

Speakers: Michael ‘Wippa” Wipfli (Nova FM radio personality, CRBF ambassador), Kylie Tarleton (Director - First Nation Cultural Advisory, CRBF Executive Consulting Committee), Matthew Lawrance (CRBF Commercial Director), Lachie Swaney (CRBF ambassador). Watch the recording here

Thursday, 29 July - The role of GPs in your sarcoma journey

ANZSA collaborates with the VCCC to deliver this webinar to highlight the role of GPs in your sarcoma journey (pre-diagnosis, during and post-treatment). This webinar will focus on diagnostic challenges, the role of GP in survivorship, specific survivorship issues, 'expert patients'.

Speakers: Prof Jon Emery (Director of PC4), Dr Jeremy Lewin (Medical oncologist), ANZSA consumer representatives. Watch the recording here

ANZSA Consumer Tea Party

You're invited! ANZSA is hosting a tea party for all sarcoma consumers (patients, survivors, carers, family, friends, etc.). Whether you're in Australia or New Zealand, we'd love to meet you and hear from you regardless if you're an ANZSA member or not.

So bring a cuppa (beverage of your choice) and meet each other virtually (via Zoom) and hear from the ANZSA consumer representatives (Karen, Julijana and Natalia) on their involvement with ANZSA and what it means for the sarcoma community. Register here

‘I Go Yellow for…’

  • Nothing speaks more than your public support towards your loved ones. Download a tile that best represents who you are going yellow for and post it on your social media!

Organise a Fundraiser

  • Fundraising is easy and fun! It's a good way to raise sarcoma awareness among your friends, family and colleagues.
  • It can be a simple activity that you enjoy like running or baking. And off you go! Find out more info here - Fundraise for Us
  • Your action today creates a long-lasting impact.

If you would like to contribute towards sarcoma research, please do so through our Donations page.

Thank you for your support towards the sarcoma community and ANZSA!