July is Sarcoma Awareness Month

ANZSA is calling on all Australians to ‘Go Yellow Anywhere for Sarcoma Awareness’ this July for Sarcoma Awareness Month in support of the sarcoma community.

This year’s theme ‘Go Yellow Anywhere for Sarcoma Awareness’ highlights the word ‘anywhere’ as sarcoma is a really unique cancer that can form anywhere in the body.

Each year, hundreds will be diagnosed with a type of sarcoma and will go through a challenging experience – often a long and hard journey to getting better through gruelling cycles of treatment.

Sarcoma Awareness Month is our way to create public awareness of sarcoma and to stand in solidarity with the sarcoma community, which includes health professionals, researchers, patients and their loved ones.

We have simple activities you can participate to show your support! Don’t forget to use the #anzsa so we can keep track!


Go Yellow Anywhere for Sarcoma Awareness activities

‘I Go Yellow for…’

  • Nothing speaks more than your public support towards your loved ones. Download a tile that best represents who you are going yellow for and post it on your social media!

‘Go Yellow Anywhere’ challenge

  • Take a photo of yourself or in a group in all sorts of locations (a play on the ‘anywhere’ theme) dressed in yellow or holding a yellow item - your choice! Post it on your social media and tag two friends you’d want to do this!

Sarcoma of the Week

  • Each week in July, we’re highlighting different types of sarcomas via our Facebook with interesting bite-sized information. Follow us on Facebook to find out more!

Yellow Ribbon

  • Write words of encouragement in support of the sarcoma community using this printable yellow ribbon. Print this yellow ribbon in A3 size and put it up in your home or office.

Sarcoma and ANZSA fact sheet

  • You can download and print this fact sheet for your friends, family or colleagues.


If you would like to contribute towards sarcoma research, please do so through our Donations page.

Thank you for your support towards the sarcoma community and ANZSA!