July 2022 is Sarcoma Awareness Month

July 2022 is Sarcoma Awareness Month

At ANZSA, improving outcomes for sarcoma patients through research, education and awareness of sarcomas and related tumours is always our priority. July marks Sarcoma Awareness Month, a chance to focus even more strongly on raising awareness of sarcoma in Australia and New Zealand, zoom in on the astounding work of sarcoma researchers and clinicians and of course connect with our dedicated community.

Sarcoma Awareness Month Webinars

This sarcoma awareness month, we are excited to be hosting two webinars to help raise awareness for sarcoma.

The first of our two webinars is on the 18th of July. The session is about functional outcomes and rehabilitation in sarcoma patients. Sarcomas are rare cancers that develop in either the bone or soft tissues. A variety of treatments are used its treatment including chemotherapy, surgery or radiation which may lead to short and long term functional difficulties. This webinar will provide a better understanding of factors that influence function, some novel approaches that can led to improvement as well as hearing from researchers and consumers on importance of measuring and supporting functional recovery.


  • Dr. Jeremy Lewin (Medical Oncologist)
  • A/Prof Claudia Di Bella (Orthopaedic Surgeon)
  • Dr. Sophie Heywood (Clinical Researcher and Physiotherapist)

You can register for this event here: https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/374122108297

The second of our two webinars is on the 28th of July. This session shines a light on the STRASS II research being conducted in Australia. The EORTC 1809 STRASS II study is the first official trial looking into potential benefits of chemotherapy before surgery to improve disease control and survival in patients with retroperitoneal sarcoma. It is a pan-European study with a transatlantic collaboration with multiple specialised sarcoma centres in Australia, Canada and North America. Come see all the progress made on STRASS II in Australia.


  • A/Prof David Gyorki (Surgical Oncologist)

Registration for this event will be opening soon.

As we leave lockdowns far behind, we are also excited to seeing a return to the ever-popular fundraising morning and afternoon teas – every donation helps and we thank you for your continued support. Email contact@sarcoma.org.au to share pictures of your Sarcoma Awareness Month activities and we will share them with our community.

New Sarcoma Guidelines are coming soon

ANZSA is excited to announce the release of their first series of the new sarcoma guidelines is coming up soon.

For the past two years, ANZSA has engaged a multidisciplinary working party to perform rigorous review of scientific evidence to develop specific recommendations for different aspects of sarcoma care.  The working party consists of independent experts include doctors, and researchers — and consumer representatives — such as patients who have had sarcoma treatment and their carers.

As each sarcoma treatment differs between each patient, the working party has worked hard to ensure the guidelines reflect issues that are relevant to patients. From their research, the working party has been able to produce a series of topics and clinical research questions for the guidelines.

The development of these guidelines will be ongoing, with new questions and content to be released in the near future. The content of the guidelines will continue to be updated in accordance to new published research when it becomes available.  Further series covering other clinical questions will be released shortly.

Organise a Fundraiser

  • Fundraising is easy and fun! It's a good way to raise sarcoma awareness among your friends, family and colleagues.
  • It can be a simple activity that you enjoy like running or baking. And off you go! Find out more info here - Fundraise for Us
  • Your action today creates a long-lasting impact.

If you would like to contribute towards sarcoma research, please do so through our Donations page.

Thank you for your support towards the sarcoma community and ANZSA!